Metal sheets are subject to shearing by the so-called guillotine shear hydraulic shearing machine DURMA. Its base is essentially a bench for placing the metal sheets, gauge, and blade that moves in the downward direction. The machine may be applied to sheets made of aluminium, bronze or their alloys as well as medium hardness steel. Metal sheet shearing is the initial operation in metal processing. Depending on the desired function, the sheet metal is further subject to other processing operations, such as folding, hole boring, milling, etc.

Quality guarantee

Metal sheet shearing process complies with requirements established by technical regulations. Production is subject to control under main technical standard LST EN 1090-2:2008 Execution of steel structures and aluminium structures. This ensures particularly high quality of products and workmanship.


  • Length of sheared part: max 3000 mm;
  • Sheet thickness: 1…12 mm;
  • Accuracy (tolerance) – +- 1 mm.