Metallization is the process of metal coating with other metals (aluminium, zinc or their alloy), usually intended for prevention of consequences that may be caused by aggressive corrosion. Service life of metal structures subjected to metallization by electric arc extends by 20-50 years. Surface metallization also provides glossy finish, enhances reflection, improves abrasion resistance and electric conductivity.

Quality guarantee

Metallization process is subject to ISO 2063:2005 standard determining specifications for thermal spraying, metallic and other inorganic coatings, zinc, aluminium and their alloys. By following the regulations laid down in this standard, we are able to offer the top quality of products.

Benefits of metallization:

  • durability of coating;
  • uniform coating;
  • resistance to mechanical damage, friction, high and low temperatures;
  • suitable for small and large structures of any type, tanks, reservoirs;
  • coating thickness may reach 500 µm.