Our company offers services in the earliest stages of your project. We are ready to help with the technical ideas, project concept development and implementation of best practices in the industry.

3D Modelling

Properly designed and constructed steel structures provide long-term durability. To ensure durability of structures PMK engineers work with the latest design and engineering tools. The designed 3D structure model lets both parties save on production costs, while the precise static calculations ensure the durability and longevity of the structures.


Each steel structure is manufactured according to detailed production drawings. PMK's technical engineers have the ability to detail production drawings based on customer requirements.


Metal processing is performed strictly complying with international specification and standards.The manufacturing is carried out under LST EN 1090-2 requirements. PMK is certified to the highest level of EN 1090 EXC4, which enables the production of special structures, public, road or rail, or even potentially dangerous structures, and nuclear power plants.


PMK is able to deliver your products with strict punctuality all across the globe directly to the project site. Transportation can be executed via land transport, air transport or sea transport in accordance with all the logistics and safety regulations.

Erection/ Installation

We are able to manage all installation works. Experienced installers are focused on quality and safety in every detail, so you can be guaranteed that all works will be done with maximum effort.